Australia’s leading App for Childcare bookings

In 2014, Sean Collins was introduced to Dominet. At the time, Sean had extensive industry experience in childcare, having been involved in a large number of acquisitions of child care centres both in Australia and around the world. With his deep industry experience and having had a daughter go through childcare, Sean was familiar with the difficulties parents had managing their childcare bookings. Seeing the need for a technical solution, Sean developed KindyNow, an app which allows parents to manage their child’s daycare bookings. With promising initial traction, KindyNow was ripe for scaling across Australia. However, an outsourced team and limited resources meant Sean was constrained in realising KindyNow’s full potential. Sean looked to Dominet for both investment and guidance.

Dominet eagerly took up the opportunity, investing a six digit-figure sum and started to work closely with Sean in the Dominet co-working space. Dominet recruited a gun General Manager and brought the tech-team in house, which promptly set about re-coding the App to develop a more stable platform with a better user-experience.

More recently, KindyNow have launched an online service for finding childcare in Australia, designed to help parents navigate the often frustrating world of securing childcare.

"I’ve been looking for a hands-on partner in the market for a long time. Someone that is able to take my business to the next level, build up a team, bring the development in house, continue funding the business and give me access to their investor network for future rounds. Dominet has helped take KindyNow to the next level and without their support, KindyNow wouldn’t be what it is today."
- Sean Collins

Australia’s leading Bitcoin OTC Exchange

Domenic Carosa, founder of Dominet, has always been an early adopter of new technology. Back in the 1990s, Domenic was quick to realise the advantages of mp3 technology. He was equally quick to recognise the benefits of Bitcoin as a fast, low transaction cost digital currency. In 2014, Dominet incubated BTC Corp, and other key exchange assets that facilitate buying and selling Bitcoin followed in the years after. Dominet secured key domains including,,, and many more. Dominet recruited General Manager, Rupert Hackett, who has completed the world’s first Masters in Digital Currency, as well as other key team members.

Today, after three years of hard work and under Dominet’s guidance, is Australia’s fastest growing Over-The-Counter Bitcoin exchange, allowing everyday Australians to conveniently buy and sell bitcoin from over 1,200 retail outlets.

"Dominet has provided on-hand access to invaluable resources and advice which have helped us grow our small business. With their knowledge and expertise, they have assisted us in focusing our time and resources on actions which have developed us into a global player in the Bitcoin space."
- Rupert Hackett

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