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Over the past years, Dominet has been involved in several back door listings/ reverse takeovers (RTOs), the most recent one being Crowd Mobile (ASX: CM8) in January 2015. In fact, Domenic listed his first company in 1999/2000 on the ASX. This experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the technology sector and capital markets and gives us access to a unique network across both sectors.

A back door listing on the ASX can help with the capital structure of your business and accelerate the growth of your company. Listed companies can issue shares to their employees and make acquisitions with stock. Moreover, a public listing can increase the company’s public profile, create trust and credibility and help attracting new customers and employees.

As part of our corporate advisory services, we help our portfolio companies as well as third party technology companies to analyse whether a back door listing is the right option for the company and if so, guide and advise them through the process until listing.

A back door listing is among others suitable for fast growing digital/ tech companies, which need direct access to capital markets to sustainably fund their growth over time.

An RTO is typically undertaken with a listed company, which has small or no more operations with its original business model (so called “shells”).

We have access to a wide range of shells, which are actively looking for opportunities in the tech space.

Come and talk with us if you consider back door listing your tech company on the ASX.

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